Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Blogger or wordpress - which platform should I use?

I spent quite a bit of time tonight trying to figure out if I wanted to move my blog to wordpress or keep it in blogger.

Also I wanted to change the template of the blog and tried many combinations of the 'dynamic views', magazine or timeline being my favourite options. The only problem is that the image I have at the moment of my son, Paris, Tirana and London, an image which is dear to me as those are the people and places I love, doesn't work with dynamic templates. So I tried a new look, without the image, with an almost transparent background and the different template and the result was that it was a new blog. It did look nice and I sort of liked a more 'lifestyle' type of look but again I wasn't sure.

I also tried to export my blog from blogger to wordpress thinking this is going to be easy and followed a tutorial until the point where the guy in the recording started talking about your domain router at which point I switched off.

So I started a number of different things and how many did I achieve? The answer is none. I kept the same template in blogger. What I exported in wordpress doesn't look nice as I need to spend more time choosing the template, colours, background, the image etc, something I don't have anymore. At least not for tonight! All this time spent trying to decide which platform to use I could have used for writing, but I didn't.

So to say the least I feel frustrated! After a day of travelling, doing a presentation, looking after the son, doing the daily evening chores of preparing the lunchbox etc I felt like I wasted what was left of my evening.

So to compensate for that I decided I am going to write my frustrations in a post so that at least I can feel I achieved something. A post about frustration and the time you need to have the perfect blogging platform. Which makes me question all of it as the most important stuff is the writing itself right, rather than the platform and the look of it, the image, the branding etc. I can hear some whispering at the back, 'the image and branding are all important in today's world where hundreds of thousands of blogs are out there looking just perfect and asking for attention'.

But I shouldn't worry just yet, my blog is still new and it looks good (it does right?) and I will be able to develop it further.

So leaving all this behind I am going to reminisce about a beautiful weekend we had in Norfolk at the end of April. An image taken in Blakeney, a lovely town off the Norfolk coast of boats lazily lying on the sand and under the sun. Enjoy!

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