Thursday, 31 January 2013

Practicing photography (1) - winter, exhibitions and sales

Judging from the number of my posts - two a month at best!! - and the amount of time I spend finishing them off, I think I need to speed myself up a bit. When I start writing I set myself a serious task which feels a bit like a 'mini research' project which can take me several days to complete. 

So to try something different I am going to experiment a way to blog quicker. That is by posting pictures I take with my lovely camera while I practice the skill of photography.  This should at least in principle be quicker since I take a lot of photos but also make the blog a bit more varied.

I love the spring and the summer for the flowers and the green colours. Less so the autumn since it signals the end of the 'green' seasons but before everything becomes gray and dark, there is still light around and some lovely colours.  

The park in yellow and green 

The winter has arrived and the leaves are long gone

A warm sunset at the end of a winter's day 

I would like to have one of those long reporters' lenses that allow you to take close-up pictures of people without having to be up their nose but since I don't have one and they cost a fortune and are heavy to carry, I will have to do with my existing one.  

People watching William Klein's photos from his cities series, at the Tate Modern. 

These are Klein's pictures taken in New York. I love the top picture on the right of the child with a gun making a 'mafiosi' face. 

Sales have arrived and it's really fascinating to see people rushing in the shops to grab a bargain. Those that find the time and energy to do so... lol.

I like this elegant looking couple, on their way to some swanky shop or coffee shop

And finally a place to have some rest and be warm after a hard shopping afternoon. 

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