Saturday, 23 February 2013

Practicing photography (4) - People I see everyday

This is a short post about a picture, the picture of a regular person I see everyday on my way to work. This picture will be part of  'project 52' which is about publishing a photo every week with a story. Photomonthly magazine are inviting people to take part in this project and they will be reviewing photos from April for a year until April next year and will select winners.

So here is my first entry for project52. 

Living in a big metropolis is often synonymous with busy and hectic lives where people don't have the time to stop. Although that is true it is also true that despite the fast-paced lives people like to connect and perform what is a basic human need. 

Almost everyday on my way to work I walk by a fruit stand by the tube entrance where a nice man chats to people - 'morning love', 'hello princess', 'hi mate' - and sells fruits and some veg. He is not the farmer that grows them in his garden, of course he is the seller who buys the products in a bigger wholesale market and sells them to us, little people populating the trains, streets and office buildings. And we know these fruits come from other countries as far as Spain, Israel or Ecuador. But he is nice and chatty and I like him. He is a regular on my way to work and I appreciate that I can see a few familiar faces everyday as opposed to the constant flow of people I have never seen before.

So I decided to take his picture one day, break the ice and ask him if he wanted to pose for me. And he said yes.

He was pleased and a bit shy which made the experience of taking his photo quite amusing.

More photos will follow for this project. 

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