Thursday, 9 May 2013

Photos of a rainy day - the flower power

This is the second part of the photo series from the same weekend down in Devon where we had a Friday afternoon of good weather and a whole rainy Saturday. 

Needles to say it was a long day! But in a way not doing much was quite relaxing and it felt like back in the days where we had no mobiles or techy gadgets and time passed very slowly. 

Luckily for my photography assignment (!) the rain stopped for a short while at the end of the day. So I was able to take a few shots of wet camellia flowers dripping with rain. 

I like this photo of wet flowers and blades of grass with quite visible droplets of rain. The flowers (whose name escapes me) are closed as it's getting near night time.

The profile of the same camellia, looking away. 

Who said a rainy day was void of inspiration? 


  1. Beautiful flowers and pictures! Loving them

    1. Hi anonymous,
      Thanks for your comment. Would like to know who you are, next time tell me your name... ;))